Insurance cancelling my homeowners ins . during a claim .
Approximately 1 year or so ago I purchased AAA car and homeowners insurance. When the AAA man came out to look at my home and take pictures, he seen that I had several roommate's, and asked who all lived here, also on my car driver exclusion was all the roommate's names etc. Meanwhile we had a garage fire and home filled with smoke damaged, and are in the middle of finishing up our claim and now they have cancelled our homeowners ins. effective next month. We had a un permitted sun room built that was one of the reason's for cancelling, the other was too many roommates. The man that came out to our home from AAA, seen these roommates and must have not told the underwriters about them when the policy was being reviewed or whatever the underwriters do? I believe he asked and I told him that I do independent living and rent rooms out. he also said he would overlook the broken down car.
total loss house fire
I have been with farm bureau ins for 20 years and had a total loss house fire nov 2016... I have not yet rebuilt and my I got a letter in mail that my policy has been cancelled. looking for guidance, I need homeowners ins for my new home
House fire claim
My house burned down in December with a total loss. Insurance has already paid the swelling part. On my contents my adjuster sends this email which says. Sharon ; Your claim clearly exceeds the policy limits. You do not have to submit any additional inventory. Your policy limit is $154,650. My question is I have replacement cost. They automatically deduct 30% then find the item cheap somewhere and then depreciate it again on age condition ext. even though most items were in excellent condition I have sent three list already and still not done. Does she have the right to do this. If I don't give all items how am I going to get the reimbursement. As well can I redo some of the list I already sent in due to the fact some didn't have model numbers or item numbers listed.
Our insurance company would not pay the last two months for temporary housing. How can we get reimbursed for this
We had a very large home in a remote location. Many of the sub-contractors were out of business due to the 2008 market crash. It was very difficult to get like-kind trades to come to this rural ocation. Furthermore, it was difficult to find some of the high end finishes in the home. At no point did State Farm tell us that we could have stay in a like-kind home. We stayed in a small 900 square foot 2-bedroom condo. After what we had been through, we were thankful! However, the building process took a long time and the adjuster felt that we should be already back in our home and refuse to pay for the last 2 months at over $4,000 out of our pocket. What recourse do we have? According to our policy we had two years that they would pay for temporary accommodations. They paid for 16 months. The house took 18 months to build back and we paid for the last two months of temporarily housing.
Purchase order at a clothing store
Time is running out and I hate to shop, we still have not received money to shop with only have one week left until our deadline. But, literally most all of my clothes were destroyed. I gave the spreadsheet to a store of lost items and they are going to create a purchase order for me. I figured it would be easier for them to just handle it for me. If I write them a check does this purchase order constitute a receipt? No, I don't intend to take kickbacks. Yes, I'm going to spend all the money on clothes there.
Purchase orders as receipts.
The store that we originally bought most of our Furnishings from created a proposal based on previous invoices they had in their records from us, pictures pre fire, and pictures post fire. We were by our insurance adjuster that we had to create a spreadsheet in their format before they would accept this proposal. We still have not been paid any funds, and wanted to go ahead and write a check for the proposal so that our furniture store can put our home back. We intend to spend the full amount proposed at that furniture/decorator store and signed the contract and gave them a check to hold until we receive funds that from insurance. Does this purchase order count as a receipt? Will we get the full replacement value back based on this purchase order? Time is one week away and we are unsure as how to proceed.
Time limits for reporting events of water damage
In the event of sudden or accidental discharge or loss of water later resulting in water or mold damage, does the event causing the damage need to have been claimed at time of event in order to claim for damages?
Disagreement With The Adjuster Estimate
In March, my roof was damaged by hail and wind, so I called Allstate to start a claim. They gave me a claim number and the name of the one who holds the claim, then the name of the adjuster who was supposed to come and inspect the roof. The adjuster came on March 24, 2017 .After finishing the inspection the adjuster promised me I would hear from him within 48 hours. Since I didn't hear from him on Monday, I called the guy who handles the case; he was surprised that the adjuster went on vacation and didn't notify him. Then the guy who holds the claim talked to his boss and they decided to put me with a new adjuster. So the new adjuster said "if the first adjuster already made the estimate, he cannot change it". He contacted him and he got back with me with a price of $3,044 to replace half half of the roof and my estimate from several contractors was $6,799. Please tell me what to do!
My roof was damaged by wind
My roof was damaged in a windstorm the adjuster came out paid for half of my roof and the other half the shingles are damaged and he wants the contractor to glue them back down the contractor says that he can't glue them down because their creased by the wind. Not only won't they glue them - the shingles can't be replaced because they are too brittle and a us standard size that is not made anymore. The adjuster said the roof was 20 of 25 years. I planned on replacing next year but the roof was ok before storm. We called farmbureau they won't budge??? What do I do next??
Insurance policy
Insurance Policy was changed by an angent from full coverage to liabilty without my knowledge or me requesting. Was in an accident insurance does not want to cover. 9000 dollars worth of damage. I need help
Home hazard insurance
I have had my home owners ins canceled my mortgage company of course wants new one. If I owe less than 10000 on the mortgage can you get just a policy to cover the principal?
Should I hire a lawyer?
Dear experts: I live in California and own a rental property in Nashville. On Feb. 17 of this year, the water line to an upstairs toilet rusted through and flooded the entire house while the renters were at work. I have a "rental dwelling" homeowner's policy through State Farm. Initial drying took place immediately via my property management company. An adjuster came in, did his inspection, and left. A week ago I received a huge packet in the mail, and what looks like a check for around $15K. I don't think this is nearly enough to cover the damage — it was extensive — and now don't know where to turn. I need help! I can fly to Nashville, but can't stay (I work in LA) Thinking I should hire a lawyer to handle. And if so, who should I hire?
fire insurance claim
I had a "Florida room" for my small RV - it attaches to the RV when you set it up. It was stored in my shed which burned up in the california valley fire. I paid the deductible for replacing items in my shed but State Farm says that the Florida room would come under my car insurance and so I have to file a claim for that with a separate deductible of $500. The Florida room costs $878 and it was 10 years old so this means I basically get nothing for it (after paying the auto deductible, I might even lose money). Shouldn't it be covered under the shed insurance where it was stored?
Unable to get Fire Insurance
We are working on buying a house in Aptos California and are having a difficult time finding an Insurance Company to provide Fire Insurance. Is there any kind of govt. program (Federal or State) that backs insurance companies when there is a seemingly large forest fire threat? How can people sell or purchase a house if no one will insure it and the mortgage companies won't lend unless it is insured?!
good inventory sheet?
what does claim summary payments mean on the homeowners payment worksheet for dwelling
need a bad faith attorney
My home had suffers water damage and some help to get my claim paid out to the fullest can you are some one you know to refer to me thank you
We had an electric fire and our house had to be rewired. The house is contemporary and the adjuster insisted on junction boxes instead of replacing "home runs." Our policy states repair or replace. It is a contemporary home: no attic. Safety issue for us.
How can the adjuster deny what it actually cost to make the repair with a reputable contractor? He states the work was not approved. We are vastly different on the amount of the claim. The ins. co is completely lowballing the amount needed to repair. We have paid our contractor out of pocket. What are our chances of being made whole?
can insurer call insured once a public adjuster is hired?
I am working on a claim with Auto Owners and the company adjuster and her manager insist that they do not have to respect the public adjusters contract and constantly call the insured. They have been asked to stop calling the insured and of course The Auto Owners adjuster will not. Said that only applies to attorneys and not public adjusters. Is this true?
Matching and cosmetic issues
I was told there is a new federal case law that forces insurance companies to pay for matching or cosmetic issues in a property claim. do you know the name of the specific case.
I have a public adjuster and he is charging on all the claims. I was told by someone else that he should not be taking money from the added living expense. I pay 1500.00 a month and I get that back from the insurance co but he is charging his percent. So I pay 1500.00 and get back 1500.00 but have to pay him 900.00 for the last 6 months
Flooded commercial property owner
Good Afternoon.We own a Garden Center that is Commercial Property in westchester county NY. The address is 345 North Highland Avenue ,Ossining NY,We hired a Property manager through our previous attorney.The property had to be assess ,When arriving on the Property we seen a window broken and heard water running,The Main fuse breaker was deliberately shut off in turn the furnace was also shut off this restricted the Heating of the building,The house had 2 -3 feet of water, till this present day! We immediately took pictures with the professions real estate Broker and the appraiser.I called my lawyer and he was to call the property manager to put a claim in., Till This day we still dont know the 5 w's on the insurance claim adjuster or if the building even has Insurance. The attorney told me the propery manager said dont put a claim in,This sounds Illegal, I dont agree,can you help me!!
Does our insurance cover damage from burst water main pipe in the street?
Hello, a water main burst in front of our house, and the water rushed into our driveway and front door. The water utility agrees it's their fault, but it's not clear if our insurance policy covers the damage. The insurance agent suggested that we withdraw our claim to the insurance company, and submit a claim directly to the water utility. A lawyer acquaintance says they just don't want to deal with us, but should accept our claim, cover the damages and and then subrogate the claim against the utility company. Our insurance policy states it doesn't cover all kinds of water damage, but the adjuster we talked to says it should cover this one. I want to be able to argue my case with the insurance company, and am hoping you can give me some ammunition to do so!
sale of flooded property
I have a buyer for my flooded gutted home. I have the insurance check which is made out to me and the mortgage company. Can I apply this check to the balance to payoff the mortgage and sell the property. I am scheduled to close on March 5. And stand a chance of losing the sale if there are any issues with the mortgage company. What do I need to do to get them to agree to apply this check in the event they say No. The time line for this is a crunch. Any advice will be greatly appriciated. Thank you
Property loss due to fire.
How can I get USAA to pay full policy benefits? In May 2016, my U-Haul caught on fire causing over $350,000 in loss property. My USAA policy was only for $263,000. They are paying less than $100,000 and deducting $25,000 from U-Haul's additional insurance I took out on truck. Can they do that? Can they pay less than what my property policy was for and deduct a 2nd insurance payment from what their willing to pay?

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