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One of the many ways United Policyholders helps individuals and businesses is by connecting them with qualified professionals: Professionals with expertise in adjusting, negotiating, settling and litigating claim disputes. Experts in medical and financial matters, and in property damage repairs and rebuilding. Insurance companies have experts, lawyers and claim professionals on their side. You are entitled to the same.

Because you have paid premiums that entitle you to coverage for losses and good service you should not have to hire professional help to get your claim paid fairly. United Policyholders offers free, “road-tested” tips and information and support to help you be your own best advocate in getting the full benefits of your insurance coverage. But, insurance is complicated and claims are time-consuming. The consumer is not on a level playing field when dealing with an insurance company that aims to make a profit.

Reality is, if you suffer a major loss or disabling illness or injury, you may need to hire a professional to help you get a full and fair claim settlement from your insurance company. This is especially true when your claim involves a large sum of money. You may need independent experts to evaluate your situation and give you the documentation you will need.

UP does not endorse or warrant the quality of any sponsor. Click here for more information about the types of professionals that support United Policyholders’ work by participating in our sponsorship program. Check references, license status and membership in professional associations before hiring, and read United Policyholders’ tips for more information. All aspects of the Sponsorship Program are subject to the terms of use set forth in our terms of use.